Build better software.

We Discover & Define

Pioneering technology lab? Fledging startup? Fortune 500? We’re experts in navigating the unknown—we work at the intersection of science, business & culture to craft work that breaks new ground or breathes life into your existing performance.

We Launch Products

Our designers and developers together are accountable for one task: building experiences that are worth their salt. That means at Thomas Street, technology & code are as crucial to ideation as design is to execution.

We Keep it in Orbit

We build software that lasts—code that works and design that stands up to your product’s demands. We don’t hand off and say goodbye either—we follow through and support our client’s focus & growth.

Tools & Capabilities

We might span a lot of roles, but we have real expertise. We define products, iterate on UX / UI and design visuals and motion. We work across tech stacks—from iOS and Android to Angular and React, from Unity and Windows Desktop, and from QT and C++ to Rails and Java. We use this technology to explore, design, and build in new domains like immersive virtual reality or ambient IoT devices.

Brave New World

UI Exploration with Oculus Rift & Leap Motion

Kinetic Efficiency

Breathing new life into Brooks Running with Arduino

David Graunke
Steven Guichard
Matt Wolfe
Andre Levi
Thuongvu Ho
Stefanie Danhope
Justin Smith
Kris Morgan
Jonny McConnell
Outreach & Design
Developer / Designer

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